What does SMHS represent to me?

The design I picked for my logo was the Batman symbol. I choose it because St.Mary’s brings the best out in all of it’s students. It also brings out the best in all of us, and makes us all strong together. Our school allows us to be the best we can be just like a superhero would try to do the best he can. Everyone is also ready to help each other when they are in need.

St. Mary High School is full of people who just want to help us reach our destinies. If anything were to happen they would pick us up, and inspire us to continue. All the things I mentioned is something that a hero would do. We are all heroes in our own way, and thanks to the teaches and students we can reach all of our goals and reach to new heights. This school is full of heroes, and we are inspired to let it come out of us so everyone can see!

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Photoshop-In the eyes of the media

1. What do you feel are the “ideal body types” that the magazines portray for men and women?

They portray that all women should be skinny and have the perfect body.

They portray that all men should have abs and big muscles.

2. What is your definition of “perfection”?

Perfection is being comfortable in your own skin.

3.  Has there ever been something about your body or features that you wanted to alter?  Why? (you do not have to be specific.)

Yes because the media can make you want to alter yourself and be what everyone else looks like instead of being comfortable about who you really are.

4.  Have your thoughts on celebrities changed?  Are they as “perfect” as you think they are?

Yes my thoughts have changed, and no they’re not as perfect as I thought.

5. Have your thoughts on Photoshop changed?

No because it still does everything that I thought it would do.


Self Portrait

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Absent Blog-Leveling the playing field

With the release of “X-Men Origins:Wolverine,” the summer has begun. There is a number of new movies, and movies returning with a sequel to their previous stories. The X-Men franchise began to slowly lose it’s edge until this new movie came it. It put the franchise back up at the top with the other superhero movies. The question on every bodies mind is, will Wolverine be able to stay on top for long? With the new Terminator,Harry Potter, Transformers, and other summer hits coming out, will Wolverine stand a chance? No one really knows the answer, but what we do know is that this Wolverine movie definitely set the stage for the up coming films. Will these summer blockbusters be able to rise to the occasion? Only time will tell!


Absent Blog-Review: ‘Wolverine’ doesn’t cut it

The writers of the X-Men francize are squeezing everything out of it’s movies. They’re going to release their latest X-Men movie today. Those who saw it early commented that “Wolverine doesn’t cut it.” They claim that their was to much action in the film, and not enough of the story line. Even though there was too much action in the film, the parts that had action were really good.  It still did not make up for the lack of a story that they gave. They say that most of the movie was just Wolverine hacking at everything. Over all the movie got 3 stars out of 5. It would still be worth seeing, but do not expect to a great storyline.


Current Events: Obama says he doesn’t have ‘rubber-stamp Senate’

“To my Republican friends, I want them to realize that me reaching out to them has been genuine,” Obama stated. He was trying to reach out to the Republicans but many questioned his true motives. He also talked about that he was willing to except ideas from them, but he would make it work better then it had for the last 8 years. He goes on to say that the American people deserve better and that’s why they voted for change.

Arlen Specter made a decision to switch sides and become a Republican. Specter talks about how he was “at odds with the Republican philosophy. He goes on to admit that he was starting to get very worried about having to go against someone and possibly loss his seat next year. He then voted against Obama’s budget plan to prove his point.

Obama has been talking a lot of critisisum for the Republican party. His plans have not had much support from them. His economic stimulas plan passed with only 3 Republican votes from the senate, however. Obama feels that they are starting to restore faith in the American people. He goes on to say that trying to stop them everytime is not a good political strategy.

Obama countines to say that in his 100 days as being preseident, he knows “that change in Washington comes slow.” He is willing to wait and see things will change in the future. He is hoping that it will be in a way better standing now then it was before. Obama talks about how people still have the time to argue when we are in a big crisises.

Obama really wants everyone to just stop all of the political games. He wants everyone to focus on what is really important. Still, people countinue to argue and ignore the true crisises that s upon us. Obama is worried that if people do not start to open their eyes and see whats going on around them, then things could remain the same. Will things every get back to normal?


GM to cut 23,000 jobs by 2011

General Motors has decided to announce that they are going to cut 23,000 U.S. jobs. They are also going to drop their Pontiac brand all in a effort to stay out of bankruptcy. They are even going to slash 40% of it’s network in the latest bid to try to avoid bankruptcy. GM even made a crazy offer to their bondholders to swap $27 billion of their debt to stock. GM is offering 225 shares of their stock for every $1,000 the GM owes. This bold move will greatly effect the values of current stockholders. Even after the announcement, Dow Jones industrial average gained 10% after the announcement. Hopefully the company will be able to try to avoid bankruptcy.


Multistate plane chase ends on Missouri dirt road

This story starts off with a men stealing a plane from a Canadian flight school. The chase lasted for seven hours when he was finally caught. He landed in a Midwestern town that had 360 people in it. It was in a general store close by a dirt road. He had landed there to buy a gatorade, and was caught while drinking it.

He at first was trying to buy beef jerky too, but did not have the money. He decided to just get the gatorade and left the store. He simply just watched people leave and enter the store. It was almost as if he was expecting to get caught.

The officials finally caught up with him after that long  journey. His name was Adam Leon and he was 31 years old. He was being held in prison on Monday without bond. He is going to be interviewed soon to determine why he stole the airplane.


The Christmas day massacre

“Beep, beep, beep!” He reached his hand over and quickly and turned off his alarm clock. It was 3:24 am, on Christmas day. Every year he would go to his tree, and see what presents were waiting for him in the coming hours. His excitement began to boil over as he dressed up in his jet black spy outfit. He opened his drawer and got out his night vision goggles, and his mini flashlight. He tiptoed down stairs, past his parents bedroom. His eyes lit up when he saw the overly decorated Christmas tree. His mind was racing as he approached the Christmas tree. “What did I get this year?” He thought to himself. “Maybe that new toy truck, or that baseball glove, or that bat, or the baseball glove and the bat!” He was even more excited now then he ever was, but all that would soon come to a halt. When he got to the tree his jaw dropped as he noticed that there was not one present under the tree. He scanned the whole area around the tree more times then he could count. Not one present was under the tree that Christmas day. He stood there in disbelief, and began to make up his own reason behind the missing presents in his head. “Santa probably did not come yet. Yeah, he probably won’t come till later on.” Then his mind began to take a different spin on it. “Maybe my parents took the presents so they can have them for themselves. They were always jealous of what Santa brought me.” He said as he tiptoed back up the stairs. A sharp pain went up his foot as he hit a book. He looked down and read, “How the Grinch stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.” The whole story flooded back into his head, and then that’s when he realized. “My parents are trying to steal Christmas!” He thought to himself as he picked up the book, and rushed up the stairs into his room. He changed back into his pajamas, and crawled into bed. He opened the book and read some parts to refresh his memory. “OK, my parents must have all the presents hidden in there room somewhere.” He thought as he looked at his alarm clock. It was now 5:40 am, on Christmas day. He knew his parents would begin to wake up at exactly 6 o clock on the dot. His brain began to come up with a plan. A plan so devious that only a little boy can think of it. “I will tell my mother that I feel sick. She will go downstairs to get me medicine, but what she does not know is that I have the medicine. She will be down there for about 5 minutes trying to find it,” He said as a small grin began to rise on his face. “My dad will be to busy shaving in the bathroom to even know what is going on. Then I will sneak in there room, and find my presents!” He knew his plan would work, and did not doubt that it would not for a second. He looked at the clock again. It was now 5:59 am, on Christmas day. He was so excited, and could not contain himself. He knew he would have to hide his excitement for his mom to believe his story. He then tried various sick faces until he picked the one that would work the best. All of the sudden a light sprung on in the hallway. It was now time to put his plan into action. He got up, put on his sick face, and approached his mom. “Mom, I feel sick,” He said in a low drawn out tone. “OK, I’ll get you some medicine,” she said and went downstairs to get some. He started walking to his parents room quickly knowing he wouldn’t have much time left. He passed the bathroom on the way and saw his dad in there. Everything was going just as he planned. He walked into his parents room, and began searching every corner of the room. Under the bed, in the closet, and other locations of the room. They were no where to be found. He then saw the drawer, and realized that was the last place to look. He approached the drawer hoping that they were there. He checked each one until he got the the bottom one. He took a deep breathe and opened the drawer to reveal a bread and costume. “Santa?” He said confused as he pulled the whole thing out. His mind began to race and he realized that Santa looked a lot like his dad. “My dad is Santa?!” He screamed as his jaw dropped and he became frozen with shook. He had so many questions, but all he knew was that Christmas will never be the same again.


The Dream

I was walking home from another day at school thinking about how boring my life was. There was never anything exciting that went on. I always did the same thing everyday with no change of pace. When I finally got to my house I noticed that my front door was slightly opened. I looked at my watch and saw it was only 3:00pm, so no one should be home. As I approached the door I heard strange noise coming from inside. I was going to call the cops, but my gut was telling me not to. I walked up to the door, placed my hand on the door nob, and opened it slowly. When it was fully opened, I was suddenly pulled into a swirling vortex. It finally spit me out into this strange world that you would only see in cartoons. “Well, hello there pal!” Said a voice in a high pitch. I turned around and I could not believe it when I saw Mickey Mouse standing there. “So, your going to help me find the treasure right?” He asked. “Yeah, sure!” I replied assuming that this was all a dream. I figured I fell asleep in one of my classes again so I just went along with it. We walked along the road, and Mickey explained everything to me. He told me that the treasure was the most important thing to him, and he had to get it back. We then approached a river that was in our way.  He shrugged, and then flew us over the river with ease. Ok, now I knew this was a dream. There’s no way that anyone had magically powers. We then approached a wall that never ends, but he flew over that too. We approached a gate that was guarded by two talking trees. After persuading them they let us go past and we got the treasure. It was a heart shaped box, and as soon as we got it I woke up. When I opened my eyes, I realized  that I was in a movie with Mickey Mouse in it. Some dream that was!

B.)Create a story using the following props

  1. a Cartoon character
  2. a magical power
  3. wall that is never ending
  4. A tree that talks
  5. a heart shaped box

January 2021